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New Music / 2016

Hey Hey

We have two new singles out – ‘I Love You Everyday’ and ‘More Than Friends’ ! Kinda got caught up in some ‘oldies’ style recordings we were working on – started shaping up and sounding so good we thought we would release them.

You can check them out on all the usual streaming sites & digital download places (spotify, iTunes, etc). Click on the links over there to the right…

Thanks for listening – we love ya’.

the darlings

New Music / I Love You More Teaser

We have been working away on a bunch of new songs – can’t wait to share them with you.

Here is a little snippet of one called “I Love You More”

Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates.


Happiness Day !

It’s Happiness Day – thought we would should share this ol’ gem.

We are working away on some new songs…

Love ya.

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