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Well we’re all really hyped up about the VW commercial, but theres little time to chill for the Darlings. Following an awesome show at the 5 Star Bar with Ladies & GentsĀ and Atlantic Line. We’re now busy setting up a photoshoot with Jory Cordy which should happen as soon as we can pick a location. Also, we’ve got a bunch of new ideas for songs and most importantly there is much planning to do for our Spring Tour 09′.

This tour is going to be awesome!!! So far we’ve got San Jose State University on April 22nd. Then down to a monumental show with Casxio, Vanaprasta, and The Nights @ Spaceland in Silverlake (Los Angeles) April 23rd. Next we head straight up to the Brown Lantern in Anacortes, WA. Then Sunday 4/26 night at Doug Fir in Portland (sorry we’re going to miss your birthday Tommo SAD FACE!!! After a couple days off we hit Sonoma State University in sunny California on April 28th for a noon time performance. Hopefully we can play at another venue in town that night. April 29 and 30 are TBA at the moment, and we finally wrap up at Fresno State University May 1st.

Phewww that’s a lot of driving though a lot of beautiful sights to see in the Pacific region during spring time. Lets us know what’s going in any of those towns or places in between maybe we can double up some events or party down!

Anyways, it’s good being your new best friend! Thanks for liking us. We like you too!

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