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We are lucky to be surrounded by such talented people – music players, video/film capturers, paper and pen types, photo takers, fashion ones and such.

One of our favorites is Emily Sunnell – a great reconstruction artist from Portland.  We dig her Emilia Kaye line – fits our style very well.

Soft, light, airy with accents of lace, pastels and small things of sparkle. Now and then with the dapple of pretty flowers, romantic fabrics, and the feeling of being quite feminine. Uniqueness and artisticness never sways and is always held very tender to the heart… “Emilia Kaye,” this is my label and this is what it means to me. –Emily Kaye Sunnell

Emily Sunnell is a reconstruction designer based in Portland, OR. She takes pieces of vintage clothing, such as slips, shirts, dresses, etc., and transform them into unique one-of-a-kind attires. The seasons, weather, the last book she read, painters, poems, and good food, all affect and spur her inspired side. 

Leaving edges raw, unfinished, is Emily’s trademark. Assymetry is usually always required. And the layering of textures, eye catching fabrics are of the upmost importance to her designs. This is not just clothing you are wearing. This is worn art. 

She comes up with some seriously amazing stuff – you can check it out on her website or myspace page.


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