Oh Darling

Oh Darling + One In The Same

Here is another ‘time capsule’ for you to check out – this one is set to our song One in the Same.  Some clips from when we were recording Nice Nice with Gregg, a quick shot of the Secret Society Studio, different load ins/outs, some live stuff and a bunch of other random stuff that we recorded – good times.  

Oh Darling – One In The Same from Oh Darling on Vimeo.


the darlings

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  1. DJ Khalif says:

    I really enjoyed this song, “One In The Same”. I was searching craigslist for DJing gigs and came across your post so, I wanted to hear the music. I’m no record Exec but, I really enjoyed this tune. The lead vocals are extremely soothing with the perfect amount of rock and roll. In the event I heard this tune somewhere, I would have to find out title and artist so that I could add it to my playlist. Glad you didn’t smash guitars in the video. Twwwwwo Feeeengers.

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