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Oh Darling + Hey.Stay.Wait.Explode!

I have been going through all the video from the last year of touring and put together a few different ‘time capsules’.  Here is one for the song Hey.Stay.Wait.Explode!


If you are in a band you already know that touring around can be the best and worst thing that you do – full of many ups and downs.  Lucky for us the last year of driving around and playing shows has been an absolute blast – we look forward to much more traveling in the next year.

Getting out and playing live is the best – it is never what you expect.  You meet some of the coolest people and end up in some of the craziest places.

I have to give huge thanks to all of those who have helped make it possible for us to get around.  All the bands and friends who let us borrow vans, gear, gave us a place to stay and supported us along the way – thank you all very much!  We could not have done it without your love and support.



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